I have had the immense pleasure of witnessing Meredith Graham speak as a keynote speaker, and I am fortunate to have been able to learn from such a powerhouse. Meredith is a rare contrast of warrior and peace maker. Her lived experience and passion ensures that she will always let folks know what needs to happen in order to create change in our communities. This honesty is also juxtaposed with a compassion and patience which does not seek to shame but, rather, to enlighten and empower.

In my experiencethis is a rare combination, indeed. Her serious topics are often interlaced with jokes and quick wit. It amazes me that someone who has faced so much can hold space so well for many others all while blessing us with the medicine of laughter. She shows us how to turn our weakness into our strengths and she does it with grace, humour, and style!

Bryant Doradea, Former Youth in Care, Poet, and Youth Worker

Meredith has a unique skill of combining advocacy with art. She transforms audiences with her spoken word. Overall, her work with youth is nothing short of inspiring.

Sam Pothier, Community Consultant

Meredith Graham is an inspirational speaker and spoken word artist who brings heart to any events she engages in. I’ve witnessed her move a room to tears with her thoughtful listening spun into poem that lets people know they’ve been heard and I’ve seen people in stitches because the humour she brings relieves stress and anxiety over the things which are hard but necessary to discuss. I highly recommend her for your event because I know no other who so masterfully listens and reflects back the beauty of participants like she does.

-Kris Archie, Executive Director of the Circle on Philanthropy and Aboriginal Peoples in Canada Designation

Meredith did an incredible Keynote presentation at this year’s IGNITE Student Conference here at Princess Margaret. Her genuine, raw, heartfelt story resonated with students and staff alike. She touched many lives that day and gave them inspiration and hope for the future. We love you Meredith!

– Sandi Hogg, Teacher/Career Facilitator/IGNITE Student Conference Facilitator Princess Margaret Secondary, School District #36 Surrey

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